Friday, 16 January 2009

its new year better late than never lol

hello and happy new year to you all
well ive started to craft again slowly and surely and i must make sure i don't get bogged down like i did last year.
i must learn to say no to swaps i find difficult lol and not feel i have to do them even if it is a mate.
This year i hope to get out of a rut and try to go out more so far that hasn't happened lol except to the shops.
still it takes time and i will do it ...i hope lol
i had some lovely craft bits for xmas and now need to use them but i do like my safe zone so think ill stick to it ..the pics and decor and lovely peel offs lol
i know loads dont like peel offs but i find them useful and can add that extra bit.
my kitties are growing the male well he is huge compared to the female ..and she is off to vets on Tuesday ..yes no kittens do we need lol
well hope to update a bit more often ..trouble is i have so many other things to remember hehe


sarah seaman said...

hello, i really do hope that you get out of your rut and have a good year and get heaps better with life and your card making and that we all will be here with you with all your ups and downs

take care hun

Hammersue1 said...

nice to see you getting back into things jackie take care to make time for you.only do what you can manage. make no promises is be way. hugs sue xx