Tuesday, 30 September 2008

feeling rotten

well thought id had this cold/flu bug and got off lightly ..well not to be have gone down with a right stinking cold.
Seems quite a nasty cold that lingers and it goes up and down each day. just as i thought i was getting better too lol
Have lots going on at the moment ..my son is leaving to go back to university tomorrow morning ..hoping he finds a place to live as he does have one viewing. if not he is off to my mums, its easier to commute from hers than here...also got my daughters 18th tomorrow so trying to sort her a buffet out for tomorrow night ..and all i want to do is rest lol
She cant wait to be 18 so she can walk in a pub and buy a drink lol
well although feeling like crap i have been making more atcs and fat pages so will show them on here soon

Thursday, 25 September 2008

some of my creations


well haven't been here so much as i haven't been well and to be honest still don't feel too great as i got the cold/flu bug ..but hey ho we have to get on don't we.
I have been busy trying to get up to date with my atcs and so far so good but the the kittens are growing fast and into everything... that can be fun .
They seem to love my craft stuff lol
Our dog just seems to accept them now and occasionally pushes them out the way or even chases them ..depends how active Tia feels

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Our little kittens ginger and biscuits


well been a busy day so far today. started with no hot water from yesterday, but fortunately we have had it mended .
then it was move a cat fish day from one old tank to a new one well that's done but what a mess and awful smell.
so hopefully now i can sit and craft with no interruptions later.
our kittens have been down to play about and annoy our dog oh must upload the latest pics of them and start adding a bit more to this blog now ive got the hang of it well i hope i have lol

Thursday, 11 September 2008

todays the day

well ive taken the plunge and am starting a blog some where to come and chat away to myself lol
ill be adding pics as and when and also of my kittens that are just 7 weeks old
we took them in as they were going to be abandoned at just 4 weeks old so for one week we had to syringe feed them
they doing well now and into everything
well this will do for starters